Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's been awhile huh?

I haven't blogged since what March? I've been on a blog kick lately, and I've found some pretty cool ones, I wonder if I can share them here.

A few months ago I had posted that I wanted to lose roughly 30 lbs (which would get my to my pre pregnancy weight from cough15yearsagocough), and I did some half ass attempts at it, but now I'm FULL ON in weight loss mode. I joined WW meetings, and in 3 weeks, I'm down about 7 lbs. I'm hoping in the next 2 weeks I'll hit my 5% lost. My reward is going to be a mani/pedi and eye brow waxing (Thank you Groupon), than when I hit my 10% lost (I'm giving myself til Thanksgiving, but I'm hoping to hit it sooner), I'm going to get this fancy ass facial thing (again thank you Groupon).

One a recent trip to OK, I tried Zumba. If you haven't tried it you MUST!!! It was SO much fun, think dancing but looking oh so sexy (well not me, because I'm not coordinated enough to dance, I am truly a white girl LOL, but it's fun, and I go with friends, and we all look like idiots, but we laugh and have fun so who cares right LOL). Well 3 weeks ago I went to the Dr because my foot was hurting like shit, and after x-rays, I learned I had a big ol' heel spur (Dr's words, not mine LOL), and I was grounded to NO ZUMBA!!! I was (and still am DYING without it!). Went back to the Dr today, and guess what??? Grounded for another 2 weeks AT LEAST!!! At this point I'm seriously going insane without it. But I am able to still workout, but the list of stuff I'm allowed to do is short, (walk, but no tread, swim and bike, yep that's it), I'd be really mad if I paid for a gym membership, but since I'll just sulk that I can't use my tread.