Friday, September 16, 2011

Day late and a dollar short LOL

I'm a huge reader, I love to read, so much that my wonderful hubby got me a Kindle last year for Christmas (he says he thought I'd enjoy it, I say he's tired of looking at my book shelves over flowing, than when Half Priced Books or Hastings has a sale I hoard.....I mean get more books.

So a few years ago Twilight was ALL THE RAGE with the tweens and teens, so I thought what the hell I'll read it too. I LOVED IT!!!! I loved it so much that half way through the last and final book I put it aside and said I don't want the series to end, so if I don't finish the book it won't end.......yeah I'm crazy like that I guess LOL. So my friend talks a lot about audio books and how she loves them. I tried 1 or 2 times, I'm just not crazy about them. It almost feels like cheating in a way. But I decided what the hell, I need something to listen to in the car, I hate the radio, they overplay EVERYTHING!!!! So I decided to download the Twilight audio book. I'm hooked!!!! I love it (I think it's the person who's reading it)

I always seem to find the "cool" stuff after it's not cool anymore..........sigh................oh well.


Well I'm going through a blog phase. I've been reading (hey I know her, and she's pretty funny) and she has people commenting on her posts, which is cool because most of them have blogs also, so I'll click on the link. If I find it interesting enough I'll stalk.....uh like I totally mean like, them on facebook. There's some GREAT blogs out there. What are some of your favorite blogs?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

So I don't get it........yet

So the owner of told me about this site called Apparently you need an invite to join, so I facebook messaged her, and she sent me one. I DON'T GET IT!!! But dammit I'm going to figure it out if it kills me. It's colorful and new......perfect :)