Friday, September 16, 2011

Day late and a dollar short LOL

I'm a huge reader, I love to read, so much that my wonderful hubby got me a Kindle last year for Christmas (he says he thought I'd enjoy it, I say he's tired of looking at my book shelves over flowing, than when Half Priced Books or Hastings has a sale I hoard.....I mean get more books.

So a few years ago Twilight was ALL THE RAGE with the tweens and teens, so I thought what the hell I'll read it too. I LOVED IT!!!! I loved it so much that half way through the last and final book I put it aside and said I don't want the series to end, so if I don't finish the book it won't end.......yeah I'm crazy like that I guess LOL. So my friend talks a lot about audio books and how she loves them. I tried 1 or 2 times, I'm just not crazy about them. It almost feels like cheating in a way. But I decided what the hell, I need something to listen to in the car, I hate the radio, they overplay EVERYTHING!!!! So I decided to download the Twilight audio book. I'm hooked!!!! I love it (I think it's the person who's reading it)

I always seem to find the "cool" stuff after it's not cool anymore..........sigh................oh well.

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