Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hmmm a blog....now what?

I'd been thinking awhile about starting a blog. So here it is LOL. Now what? I'm a lot of different things, I'm a wife, but I can't write about my marriage all day, for one we are your normal married with 2 kids couple. Kevin works, I stay home with the kids. We are your typical middle class family. 

I'm a mom, and while I enjoy talking about my kids, I'm sure not everyone wants to hear about them 24/7.

I have a lot of different hobbies, but my ABC disease (as Kevin calls my OCD, ADD, ADHD ect), (I've never been officially diagnosed with it from a professional, but I'm pretty sure I have a lot of signs from each one, but I also don't want to be a drugged person, besides, it's not that bad, I'm sure Kevin would beg to differ LOL).

I'm a couponer, not as extreme as lot of people who's blogs I follow, but I do ok. But there's enough coupon blogs out there to devote just to that.

I love to read, but again a blog just about the books I'm reading would be boring.

And I'm really wanting to lose weight, about 30 lbs.

So I guess this blog will be a little bit of everything. Maybe like Facebook, only more in depth.

Who knows where this blog will take me, maybe I'll get paid one day to write it LOL (doubt it). Until than let's just go with the flow.

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